A new look

I'm currently experimenting with html to change the boring and homogeneous blogger look to something else. Bear in mind that I have no prior experience with coding xml so the whole "new look" thing might look like a messed up attempt to deface someone's blog. :P

A picture is worth a thousand words (literally)

Whoever who came up with that quote had definitely not watched the Matrix before. :)

Knock yourself out

Edit: Unfortunately the html codes for the games are no longer valid so this pots is now officially a stub.

My HDD pwns j00

The 500GB in all its glory encased within a Coolermaster Xcraft along with my laptop

That's 1337 speak for the uninitiated which means "My hard disk drive trumps your!" (yeah I'm darn proud of it :))
I just got a new 500GB HDD to stuff my stash in and guess what? There's only 10GB of it left. I'm sure some of you would be wondering how on earth did I manage to end up with only 10GB of space. The answer is simple; I just chucked all of my dvd's into the hdd and viola! 10GB of space left. Things aren't looking too good as I'll need to find an alternative method to store my future data.