BBQ Nite

Had an amazing BBQ at Vincent's place last week. Rang up the usual suspects as well as some friends whom we haven't seen in a while. Everyone was very polite and mild manner during the evening but all hell broke out as the night progressed. Throw some beer into the fray and watch the party come to life. :)

Usually the bane of BBQ's are the lack of food but not this one. Food was aplenty with no less than 100 chicken wings in a bucket and ready to be grilled by our sous chef; Richard. I myself had a good time by getting into everyone's faces and taking their mugshots. :D

The main course.

Our sous chef.

David getting 'high'.

Our 'Bersih 2.0' couple.

Candid shot.

Billy and Jojo's ROM @ 26/6/11

A tiring day out and my first photoshoot outdoors.
Its funny how we like to plan how the day's events would turn out only for it to completely go absolutely haywire later on.

In the midst of all the chaos, I was preoccupied with getting the settings right and missed out on the little details such as the exchanging of rings. At one point, I totally forgot about the flash sync speed which left me scratching my head on why only one quarter of the picture was lit. Fortunately I figured it out but the strong sun wasn't helping my cause. Thankfully, the clouds rolled in and gave me some wiggle room. Next time around though, I'm going to work with the sun and get myself a reflector instead of trying to overpower it with a strobe.

The D7000 was a joy to use especially its autofocus mode which was very advanced compared to the prehistoric dinosaur which is employed by my Canon. The large viewfinder was a joy to use too. Switching from the Nikon to my Canon was like trying to compose a picture through a blinkers. Unfortunately I didn't manage to use the 70-300mm much which was regrettable as the bokeh was pretty nice although at 300mm, I was so far away from the couple that I had to resort to using hand signals to communicate.

In any case, congrats to both Billy and Jojo and thanks for putting up with my test shots throughout the session which was probably took up about 20% of the shots taken. :D

Some of the better pictures that day: