Hog road trip

Just the other week we were on a 'hunting' trip for hogs. We kicked it off at the Hungry Hog in Subang Jaya. The pork burger (it goes by the moniker: Three Little Pigs) was sinfully good. It is stuffed with bacon, ham and a pork patty. Awesome combination of all things pork. Served alongside with chunky cut fries and a salad, it makes for a satisfying lunch.

Three little pigs @ The Hungry Hog Subang Jaya

Dinner was at Euro Deli where we were supposed to tackle the Matterhorn.

It didn't seem that big from the pictures but trust me, it's bigger in real life. Thankfully we came prepared and brought backup, 6 guys in total, to take on the Matterhorn. You might think that 6 is way too many but we just barely managed to finish it.

After this stint, I'm swearing off pork for at least a week.

The Matterhorn

Pork powah!

Samsung Galaxy SII


The old workhorse finally kicked the bucket due to a broken ribbon which is a common problem for the Nokia N95. After being fed up with repairing the phone so many times, the broken ribbon was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Ironically, several days before I was reading reviews on the Samsung Galaxy SII. Its funny how things work out.

The new phone is miles ahead of the old one but the only problem is its terrible battery life. Medium usage will see the battery empty itself slightly over 12 hours. Of course, light usage will get me through a whole day and then some but then again, hardly anyone with a smartphone will use the phone just to tell the time. The only workaround was to buy chargers and make sure the phone remains charged throughout the whole day.