Got bass?

My trusty Sony MDR EX 51 (pic)

It's been almost one week since I bought the Creative EP-630 to replace my current Sony MDR-51 which is in a pretty bad condition. By a pretty bad condition, I mean it went through the washing machine once and it's still functioning (!) aside from the wires that look like it's been eaten by rats... which I read, is common among that model. so much for paying above RM 100 for it...
But back to the good stuff. I got hold of a pair for only 59, half the price of the sony! On the first day I used the in ear (IEM), I could tell that the reviews about it are true; it's heavy on the bass but weak in the mids and the highs just rolls off... Then again maybe the IEM should be given the benefit of doubt and true enough, just after of 2 days of intense burning in, the bass just doubled in its strength!! Too bad the burn in didn't do much for the mids and highs but hey, this baby can move air and I do mean move it. The bass is that strong and with the right bass notes, it'll even turn your brain into mush... scary

The Revival of FET

Alright. Looks like FET's on its way to the road of recovery
We've just got two new editors namely SeniL^ and Rangiku86 who came just at the right time because I can't edit now due to my assignments :) So hats off them for taking the editing workload off me and not to mention our new translator, Karsa
Hopefully they'll stick around for some time because I don't want to be single handedly editing all the PoT chapters again... *shudder*
Oh, before I forget, a very warm welcome into FET :P

Streamyx finally

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Most of you would be probably wondering which prehistoric age I came from which didn't have broadband. Well, I've been using my trusty old 56k for years already till now that is. The 56k is no longer able to keep up with the large lecture files that I have to download every day (lecturers, take note ;P)
Anyway, after testing out the connection, my expectations fell flat like a pancake. Everyone with a streamyx are getting like 100kBps and above and me? A measly 20kBps.
Why? TMnet as 'smart' as they ever were, says speed is at best effort. Well hello! I've got a 1MBps package and I'm getting peanuts? TMNUT!!

Before I forget, someone told me that blogging is for people who have emotional problems.
How's that for food for thought? xD

Let's do it!!

Alright maybe I haven't got a clue about blogging but hey, there's always a first time for everything right?
Anyways, the newletter has already been burned onto a cd and hopefully it'll be the last time I'll ever do any adjustments to it ( it gets rather tiring to be correcting the same .psd over and over again...) but you'll never know when fate might slap you in the face on fine day and tell you that you have to edit it again...*shivers*
For those who are interested in the newsletter, I've uploaded them here (once I figured out how)
Enjoy ^^

FET want's you!

Yeah I do know this is not the best place to do it but hey, where there's a will, there's a way (it's random ramblings, so sue me :))Back to the topic, #FET is currently looking for editors and translatorsthose interested can join the fet channel, and pm an ops(@) or you can drop me an email at
any help is appreciated

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