iShoot flash trigger


Been lurking about for a flash trigger ever since I bought my flash. After going through so many types of triggers, from bargain bin types (optical) to the golden standard (pocketwizzards), I finally settled on the PT-04 CNII triggers. They're the second iteration of the PT-04 triggers which were fine but received a lot of flak for having an upright receiver which causes the flash to be prone to falling over. Since the reviews were promising and they were less than RM100 (inlcluding shipping!), it wouldn't break the bank if it disappoints.

Build quality is what you'd expect for the amount you're paying for so no surprises there. After several shots with the triggers, there have been no misfires so far although one minor niggle is that the receivers won't take rechargeable AAA batteries due to their low voltage compared to alkaline batteries.

The only thing I've yet to test is the range. So far everything triggers within a 5m range. I've got to find me a large open space to see how far out I can go...