The Strobist Collection

I finally bit the bullet and got myself some correction gels for my strobe.
All I have to do now is figure out when to use which gel... =S



My lil' cousins paid me a visit over the weekend and went about emptying the pool in my house! Fished out my camera and got my uncle (who is also a shutter bug) to become my VAL (Voice Activated Lighstand). Shot over 160 frames, whittled it down to 60 and selected three of them to be posted here.

Although the hit rate is low, but I deem it as a success as the kids were too fast to adjust the strobe. Rules such as angle, power and distance gets thrown out of the window the minute they start to hit the water. Half the challenge is getting close and while staying dry!





Nothing much to blog about. Just some cupcakes which were too pretty to eat. These were for charity and all the proceeds from the sales would go to them.