The Street Cafe

Was wondering about SS15 again today. Since we've already memorised Uncle Seng's menu like the back of our hands we decided to try something thing different. Bob suggested we try out korean food instead instead of the usual local fare. So we popped by a nondescript shop called The Street Cafe which was sandwiched along a row of shophouses.

Can't remembered what I ordered but I dare say the food had exceeded my initial impression of the shop. Apart from the overplayed Nobody but You song (who can fault them, its a shop serving korean food), the food was great.

IMG_0639 copy

The salad was crisp, the chicken was well seasoned and tender while the rice was just nice and fluffy. Washed it down with a glass of dragon fruit juice. Total damage to bank was only about RM15.

IMG_0640 copy

Who said you can't get anything cheep and cheerful these days? :D
I'm definitely heading there next time if I get tired of the usual eating spots.
Btw, there's also another branch in Sunway Pyramid.