I've managed to tinker around with blogger's coding to come out with a new look for this blog. (Well I actually copy and pasted someone else's work since I'm totally clueless about coding xml, html and what not... so credit goes to for providing the template on which I'm currently ruining with my grubby fingers.)
As it is, the look is not complete so expect some minor changes here and there but don't expect anything radical since I can't code in xml to save my life.

If you paid for this you've been had!

I'm back!

And now we will resume normal service where I get to ramble as much as I want to, and you (the reader) are stuck reading it. :P
After a blogging haitus of three months, a lot of things has happened so I'll try not to bore you by keeping everything condensed and light
So here goes...

I'm finally done with my finals exams! w00t! Although the results weren't exactly top notch, I'm still glad I didn't fail any subjects. Gotta buck up and do better next year or its curtains for me...

Got an internship with Citibank. Pfftt... yeah right. Since most of you guys think that all is well and glam there, I'll give you the lowdown there. At Citibank, interns = cheap labour. To quote from a senior of mine, "the work sucks, but the name is good". Couldn't have put it more aptly myself. But then, as the saying goes, 'every cloud has a silver lining'. I'll be nuts not to be complaining about the workload but then again, it sure beats having to stare at the cubicle wall and trying to make out shapes from the wall like what I did on my first day or being the office barista or even being an permanent accessory to the photocopying machine like some of the interns in other companies. (hint, hint) =)
Now then, what exactly do I do in Citibank for me to be moaning about the workload? By creatively putting it, I'm doing an internal audit to ensure that the integrity of the documents have not been compromised and to report for any discrepancies.
Confused? I thought so.
To put it in layman terms, I basically make sure that the required documents are in order based on the master list and the master list itself is no walk in the park. For those who are familiar with excel, .xls files are normally less than 1MB in size. The master list that I have is 5MB. o.O And that .xls is not padded with any multimedia content. No siree... just pure text, text and more text.
My verdict? Although the work load can kill the faint hearted, having supportive and easy going colleagues eases the work and it gives me the strength to solder while trying to cut a path through the jungle of files.
So before you go shooting your mouth about how much of a taskmaster your superior is, try working in Citibank for a change. It'll probably teach you the true meaning of overworked and underpaid.

Got my UK visa done in one go. Hurrah for that. I'm lucky enough to be able to get it done in one sitting as compared to those who had their application turned down due to a plethora of reasons. The application was fast and hassle free and the best part was the application centre was only a 5 minutes walk from my working place.

Still awake? Congratulations!
With this you are now able to withstand the most boring and crummy moments of your life i.e. attending a lecture after a heavy lunch. We all know how this one goes... ;)

Until I decide to sit down and bang up some words on the keyboard,