The folly of man

An episode of Doctor Who got me thinking about RMS Titanic and its tragic fate. For those who aren't in the know, the RMS Titanic was an ocean liner built for transatlantic passenger and mail service. At that time she was the largest vessel in her class. It was thought to be unsinkable due to the advanced technology used to build it.

The HMS Titanic before her maiden voyage.

On April 10th 1912 the Titanic set sail from Southampton with 2,200 passengers and crew, four days later the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. 1500 people died and 700 survived. Who would have thought that a nondescript and insignificant piece of ice floating on the sea would sink the mighty RMS Titanic with its state of the art seafaring technology.

That's something you don't see everyday.

But then again, because of the density of ice, only 1/10th of the volume of an iceberg is seen above water. So then, moving through a "small" piece of ice that's floating around in the vast ocean just because its in the path of the ship would be a cinch eh (unless its an icebreaker but that's a different story)? Or so you would be led to believe until you start sinking like the RMS Titanic.

Don't judge a book by its cover? I digress. A book can only do so much and besides, what harm can a book do? Having it thrown at you? That adage is nothing compared to knowing that you're only looking at the tip of the iceberg and what lies beneath is capable of sinking even the previously thought to be the unsinkable RMS Titanic...

CNY Dinner [Panoramic]

I finally got round to merging the photos into a panoramic view of the dinner that night. The picture quality isn't particularly great since I had to use ISO 800 (which causes the photos to turn out grainy and 'noisy', ISO 200 would cause the picture to look like a blurry mess of moving bodies) to capture the moment and and was forced to turn of the flash because some of the attendees insisted on a no camera flash policy (which in time I've learnt to ignore since I don't have steady hands to frame night shots and between a noisy/blurred picture and a turning a deaf ear, I'd go for the latter, I'm only human after all and no snide remarks about the shaky hands please...). If you need the full resolution of the photo, just click on it.

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Just a quick update. My right arm has regained its mobility aside from a few creaks here and there which in time will disappear (I hope). Exams are fast approaching which means less time to sit and blog so there will a period of inactivity for the next coming weeks.